The Elephant’s Girl


Celesta Rimington

Celesta has lived in nearly every region of the United States, and she spent her childhood discovering the delights of Nebraska sunsets, Wyoming rodeos, California beaches, and Alabama southern cooking. Her enthusiasm for writing truly ignited when she was ten years old and living in Tornado Alley, waiting out rainstorms and tornado sirens by writing short stories. Celesta holds a degree in Sociology from Brigham Young University. She’s widely involved in the arts, particularly in musical theater and dance, and she’s a graduate of The Institute of Children’s Literature. She lives in the Rocky Mountains with her husband and two children, where they have a miniature railroad with a rideable steam train.

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Quotes are the best! I’ll have some to share once the ARCs (Advance Reader Copies) of The Elephant’s Girl go out into the world. If you’re a book blogger, reviewer, librarian, or you’re an avid reader and you really want to be on a book launch team, you can contact me to apply to be an advance reader.

– Celesta