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The Elephant’s Girl has a special elephant character in the story. If you wrote about an animal character, what animal would it be?

A fun way to get some ideas is to ask yourself, “If I were a wild animal, what might I be?”

I created a fun quiz to help you Discover YOUR Wild Side.

Do you want to learn more about your animal?

Here are some places to get you started.

The artist of the beautiful cover of The Elephant’s Girl, Ramona Kaulitzki, has created some coloring pages for kids to download for free!

More activity pages coming soon…

Peek into the world of The Elephant’s Girl with the book trailer!

Don’t miss this!



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If you’re under 13, grab your favorite adult, and they can help you watch Instagram Live @celesta_rimington and @kellyanneblount on May 19th at 6:00pm MST/ 8:00pm EST


A Zoom launch event will be on May 23 at 3pm ET with author Kaela Noel and Middle Grade at Heart! Reserve your free spot by clicking here!


Here you can watch me on a cooking show with my friend, June Williamson!

We talk about delicious food and The Elephant’s Girl! Get an adult’s permission and assistance if you want to try cooking this recipe. You can also read more about June and her cookbook on my FAQ page where I talk about research for The Elephant’s Girl. June is an expert on Thai cooking and a great friend! You’ll see why I love her so much!